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Welcome to the Student Conversation Page.  Use this page to "chat" with other students in Vermont or California.



Hello to all students, my name is Fernando, but I can say fepame. Just wanted to remind you not to forget to finish the project cost to cost ok bye bye




 Hi, Yao  I am also happy that good to me write again.  In California the weather inchanging, everiday is more  beautiful.Here summer is beautiful. Do you know California?....What do you think about the video I sent you. It's funny isnt it. jajajajajaja.



Hey Fernando,

I'm so happy for you to write back to tell me a lot about you, your country and California. You do very well in  your ESL class, and I would like for you to continue like this. In Vermont we do very well and everything is going very well, but it is cold now. We're  waiting with great anticipation for summer because in that time it is very warm and you can go swimming.

Have a nice week.




 Hello Yao   

 I'm Fernando, I have lived in California for 15 years, I am  from the city Cochabamba, It a nice place and has  4 seasons too. It is very similar to California. That's  why I like to live in California. I hope that same day you can came  here. I would like to a little of my ESL class, I have a good teacher too, his name is Mr. Barry Bakin, I like my teacher teaches me, but  I want to also talk to other people of California. There are many nationalities, but there are more mexican. In california there are mexican and other types of music, but  the more that is heard is the pasito duranguence, I send the video ok.

Fliqz has shut down their service. To access this video, email support with this video id: 2f692716f5ff48d988f9c6b81bfd46ad

Ok was glad to know that i hope soon write. bye bye



Hello Fernado,

My name is Yao,I live in Vermont almost 4 years and,right now I'm taking English class of ESL. We have nice teacher her name is Jennifer who teaches us very well . I would like to tell you a little bit about Vermont. In Vermont we have 4 seasons like fall, winter, spring and summer. I like summer in the 4 seasons bucause in that time, many people from other states come to visit. Why? Because that time, the environment is beautiful and very warm.



please write back.







Hi Zeydi I'm Fernando how are you, tell me how was your weeken, But also want to know if you  do your project writes soon.


Where are you from and how long are you planning to be in the United States?


I am looking forward to hearing from you :-)




Hi Annkathrin I'm Maria, and I'm from Mexico. I'm not sure how much time I am going to be here.





Hi Maria,


how are you doing?


Thank you for answering me! How often do you go to school during the week?

Do you have children? What are you doing for activities in the United States?


I love to go to the cinema and to swim, I do it often with some other Au pairs!

Last weekend I went to Montreal, that was really great and lot of fun also!



Best Regards






Hi Annkathrin:


I'm fine thank you and you??. You are welcome. I try to come to school every day.

I don't have any children, and you??. Well I only study in the morning and in the evening.

But I'm looking for a job, but first I need to talk English very well.

I like to go to the movies, too. I love to dance, and listen to music.

So your weekend was wonderful, thats great.



Hey Maria,


that was really fast! Thank you...:-)

I am good thanks! I don't have children as well,  but maybe I would like to have some later!

Now I have my four hostchildren that is enough....:-)

At the moment I enjoy my live and staying in the United States!

The most time it is really fun and here are so many nice people!


When did you arrive to USA?

You like to go to school?



Have a nice day...:-)


I am looking forward to hear from you


your Annkathrin









How was your weekend??? Mine was wonderful because I  had dinner with my friend last saturday, and we

have a good time.

I'm happy that you are fine.Yea I think is enough to take care about 4 children.


You are my heroe.:):).So you go to school in the morning or in the evening???



I arrived to USA in June 3, 2007. So I only have 5 months here!!!!! And yes I really like to come to school.

I hope I can learn English fast because I want to find a good job.


BYE Have a nice day:)





how are you?


My weekend was nice, too! I met Katie (an other Au pair), and we cooked for lunch as well!:-)

And we watched a movie at the night, which I really enjoyed.

On Saturday I had to work, but that was fine!

I'm going to school, every Tuesday and Thursday morning!

Do you know when your going back to Mexico?


Your Annkathrin





I'm fine thank you. Ey thats wonderful, so you are a good cook??

What kind of movies do you like?? I like romantic, and funny movies.

What kind of music do you like? I really don't know when I am going

to go back to Mexico because first I want to learn English and have 

a good job. And what about you???.Do you know when you are going to go back to Fulda??


Ok well have a nice weekend, and see you later.:)))))





thanks for your answer!

I don't know, that I'm a good cook...I think it is all right! My friends say that they like it, and often they like more! So I don't think, it is not that bad!

I like so many movies, and they all can be different!? Thriller, comedy or romantic and horror ar fine, too! I like Red Hot Chilli Pepper and music like that Incubus, I like also! What is about you? Which music do you like?


When my year is over in march, I will go back study?


You have a great week:-)


Your Annkathrin




next week is our last class!:-(

What do you think, we could continue writing to each other?

I would like to learn more about Mexico?

Now finally we got snow my kids are really happy, but I don't like snow that much!

Do you like snow?


What are your plans for Chrismas, your visiting your friends and family in Mexico?



Your Annkathrin



Hello Annkathrin


How are you??? I hope fine. Well I like Regaeton. Do you like this kind of music??? I love Daddy Yankee, he is a singer of Regaeton, do you know him?????. I like Mexican music, too.

I really like to listen to music and dance, those are my  passions. Long time ago when I was in my country I was  in a dancing group, that stage of my life was wonderful.

Yes next week is our last class :(. Of course we can continue writing to each other thats sounds great. Ok you can ask me things about Mexico and if I know I will answer.

I imagine how happy are your kids playing with the snow. I don't like the snow, too.

This Christmas I don't think I am going to go to Mexico, so I'm going to stay here with my dad and brother.

It's too sad that you need to go back to your country on march but you need to study :).What are you studying????.


Have a nice week Ok. Your friend Maria :)))))))))))






Conversations about the Rodeo



You gave us the chance too see the videos, that was really nice! It was fun to watch this! Thank you so much.


Ann-kathrin H.




I saw the rodeo video. I’m a little scared and worried about somebody breaking their body.

However I’m envious of their bravery and challenges.

They know they will fall down many times and it’s dangerous too, but they try again.

I’m very happy to see your video, and I think of my challenges.

Thank you.



Hi Celia,

How are you doing in California? In Vermont we ‘re doing fine and everything goes well.

I watched your rodeo, it was nice and I think you did a great job for  us. 

I thank you so much for everything you did and I would like to read your reply as soon as possible next time.

Sincerely Yao.







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Burlington, November,5th,2007







Hello Celia,




            How are you today? I am very grateful to you  for the American Rodeo. I watched it. I was so very  excited about it . I was never scared , because I like adventures and dangers. I am an ESL student with Ms. Jenny. She is a very friendly and nice teacher. I thank you again. God Bless you. Have a nice day.

                                                                   PLEASE WRITE BACK!                                                                                                                        Love,

Truc Son



Hi! Iam Celia Macias. Thank's for writing me back, and I notice that you guys liked my video. Thank you. I really enjoyed being in the rodeo. It's really fun, and you should go one day to a real one. I hope you can come to California too. California has many places to visit. For example, you can visit Six Flags, Universal Studios Hollywood, Knott's Berry Farm, Disneyland, Santa Monica Pier and Catalina Island. There are so many attractions in california. It's really a state to have fun. I'm inviting you to come to california. Tell me which of these places would you like to know more information about? Which one would you like to visit? I hope to read your response soon.                                                                                                 


Sincerely Celia Macias


Hi Celia,

I'm so happy for your response to tell me how it's very wonderful to visit different places in California and to enjoy. In Vermont now, we have lot of snow, it's cold and sometimes it 's very difficult to move cars. Next week will be the last class for us, but I think we'll continue to write chatter anytime, and I like to read words that  have a lot of information to me.

Have fun.

Sincerly Yao







when I have finished my year as Au pair, I will treaval to Califonia!

Can you tell me a little bit about the big cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco?


Thank you 





next week is our last class, so I would like to say "Good Bye" or " Aufwieder sehen" to all of you!!!

I really enjoyed writing with you!

I wish you all the best


best regards





Hello Celia,


I am Truc Son. Thank you for inviting me to come to California State. If i had time, i could be in California. California is a huge State ands busy every second. Now Vermont has a lot of snow, because Vermont is in Northeast America. On Chrismas Day 12/25 every year on the road it is quiet and snow comes. Next week 12/13/2007 is my last  class with Ms. Jenny. i would like to say "Good-bye" to you. Have a great holiday. Bye Celia.


                                                                                                                                                                                                             Sincerely yours,

                                                                                                                                                                                                                Truc Son



Hello guys this is Celia Macias. I'm so sorry, but I couldn't write back quickly to you because I have a lot of work here at school. For example:projects, work in the books, etc. Also we had a promotional test to see if we'll pass to the next level. I hope so! Another raeson why I didn't write back is because I don't have a computer at my house, and I don't have enough time to go to the library. The time always goes fast during school so I don't have a chance to write to you guys. Did you say that in Vermont it's snowing? I love snow! Usually my family and I go to the mountains in Palmdale about one hour from my house since I live here in Van Nuys where it never snows. We're going on vacation too. I'll miss you although I don't know you, but it was nice to know that I have new friends and somebody that cares about me in Vermont. I wish you the best in your life and I hope you'll have happy Holiday's. Nice meeting you. Oh! Please remember that you have a friend in California and if you have an e-mail address please send it to me.


 Thank you!       Good bye!         Celia Macias



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