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Page history last edited by Barry Bakin 9 years, 3 months ago

Welcome to the "coast to coast" wiki for Mr. Bakin's ESL Intermediate Low class at Pacoima Skills Center, and Ms. Gundy's ESL class at Vermont Adult Learning.



This site is for you, the students!  You will create wiki pages that will help you practice writing and reading English.  You will write and post information about three main topics:  travel destinations in your countries, travel destinations here in the United States, and information about the communities you live in.



Ms. Gundy and Mr. Bakin hope that you will enjoy creating these web pages and learning English at the same time!  Click on one of the links below to start creating your pages!



There is a new "Conversations" page!  All of the questions and answers between students at Pacoima and Vermont that were on the other pages have been moved to the Conversations page. 


Note to more recent visitors. As you can see, this class is no longer active. I hope to keep the wiki itself active to preserve it for inspiration!



Travel Destinations in the Countries the Students Come From


Travel Destinations in the United States


Information about Pacoima


Information about Burlington


Information about Mr. Bakin and Ms. Gundy





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