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Information about Pacoima

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Hello its Edna Jordan Im a student at Pacoima Skills Center.This school doesn't only teach english they also provide other courses in which helps us have a better job/future.Also we meet people from other countries, where it gives us a change to meet other culture. The picture dowm below is a picture of my classmates.








My name is Fernando Pariente, I want talk about Pacoima Skill Center, this in the city  of Pacoima, county Los Angeles. This is the picture of my school that resemblance a shopping mall that a school. In Pacoima Skill Cencer there are many students of  different nationalities. Pacoima skill center offers training programs in Bisiness Education, Industrial tecnology Education, Vocational Inglish-As-A-Second language/citizenship, and Academic Education. We also offer certificate programs in computer Operations, Office Assistan, Word Processin/desktop publishing, and medical secretary and much more.





 Information about  Pacoima 







Pacoima is a city in the northeast part of the San Fernando Valley.  The San Fernando Valley is a suburb of Los Angleles. Pacoima is about 20 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles.






There are some good schools in Pacoima.  It's a mixed community.  People from different countries and cultures live here.


Pacoima is close to many fun places to visit, like Six Flags Magic Mountain, UNIVERSAL STUDIOS, Disneyland and museums.




Photo Credits: The map of Pacoima and other communities near Pacoima from the air was found at www.invisible5.org/





The community name derives from an Indian term translated as  "rushing water"




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