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Information about Vermont

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Information about Vermont 



 I really like the spring. Because spring time isn't the same weather as the winter time. things i like about the spring are playing outside and riding my bike. bye bye, Hassan]



 my name is Amal and i live in Burlington Vt.


I would like to tell about Spring in Vt.


   I noticed about the chances of weather because there is no snow.Farthermore we don't have a lot of cold,plus  you can see the grass is coming back. I like spring and finally i got one.I do a lot of things during the spring,such as going outside without heavy clothes,playing with friends,going everywhere without fearing snow or cold.To sum up, spring is much better than all the other seasons if i compare them. 



Hi Guys...


Finally Spring!!!... Although theoretically spring began in March 20th, we had a lot of snow in that moment. Meanwhile everybody was wearing heavy coats, hats, gloves and scarfs; the birds and squirrels were coming back, that is the best sign to recognize the spring is coming. Furthermore every day we have big changes. For example the sunset come later, the day turns colorfull, all the people want go out and everybody looks happier in this moment. This is a great season because all of us can feel big changes in our mood. 






Hi everyone,

My name is arwa and I live in Burlington, vermont. Spring is HERE finally, and I notice in spring first. that my spirit comes back to me and I feel happy most of the time. Second, The sense of the long days makes me feel good, and my kids have the opportunity to play outside after they have done thier homework. Third, I put away the winter clothes and put in the summer clothes. Finally, seeing people's excitement, hearing birds sing in the morning, and breathing the warm breeze gets me soooo happy and excited.





 My  name  is Abdirahman

as above said  my name is shorly  abdi in burlington vt

student in ccv in burlington  vermont   ,  vermont   is wonderfull

state i have ever  seen  in  my life and it,s  beutifull  state  during

the  other  seasons   except   winter    waaw   winter   in vermont

is what  have  scarried me .   but  there is  another  season  we  have

to  wash  out  what  had  happen  before   brings  all u,r  intenssion back

and creates  in you with  deap love  and hope  to stay  longer  and  spend   most  of

u,r  time  here , of which is known as  spring.

Spring  in vermont  is raelly nice  and  great  ,  beutifull  and enjoyable   season

and fallowed by  summer  where by alot of people  all over   the  world   came  and

enjoy  and see  the  beutifull  scencery  and  also green mountians   we have.

but to same up  my  words   i  like  vermont  and  i really  enjoy   living it.





Hello, Iam here to introduce myself, and where i live and where i from too.


Hi again, first of all my name is Ali A. And i live in Burlington 3 years and i came


from East Africa Somalia, and there is where i born but i grew up in part of East


Africa named Kenya. I live there 10 years, and its beatifull place to live. There is a lot


of different animals that a million of tourists visit there to see the most kind of animals


in my country. like a lion elephant monkeys hippo and etc.


   Hence, I will spend my life here in United States and it is a good place to live, to go through


life. There is agood Education and it is healthy. I am a student here at CCV in Burlington Vermont in


 College Essentials. So i hope you email me back when you read my little story and you will enjoy


 all kinds of animals in my country. Ali








Hi my name is Amal i am from Somalia in east Africa. I want to talk about CCV in Burlington Vermont.


This school teaches us how comunicate to others. They also teach us how two write and read and also provde other courses too.


I hope you are well. Fell free two write back.


thanks bye every1.





Burlington is a small city with a population of around 39,000, located on the eastern shore of Lake Champlain between the Adirondack and Green Mountains.  Burlington the largest city in the smallest U.S. state.  It is located in the northwest corner of Vermont, about  44 miles from the Canadian border.




 Burlington Bay


Burlington, Marketplace                                                                                                                                                   


I lived in Burlington city almost 09 years, Burlington is large city and noisy, in the summer has so many people from Canada visit, walk, and take a pictures, Burlington Downtown Center is very busy weekend. Especiallly, Burlington is very busy on Christmas and New Year"s, many people went shopping. Although Burlington city is busy and noisy,  Burlington is very quiet in the winter. I like to  sit on the bus station  and look at pedestrians, and hear them speak and yell  at each other. Burlington has fresh air, country has many farms, fresh vegetable,fruit and dairy. Burlington is the best place for everybody to  enjoy. Everybody needs to  keep Burlington fresh forever and  ever fresh. Do not make air pollution in  Burlington.










That is the beautiful Lake Champlain                            

                                     The indian summer                        






My name is Jimmy O., I have lived in Burlington 5years with my family. Mamick is my wife, and my three kids are Tathiana, Noel and Vanessa.We like it here because it 's a small city, not too many people.


My name is Chie, from Japan.  I have been in Burlington since 2006. Vermont has a lot of splendid view anywhere around the state. If you like out door activity, it is the suitable place to enjoy, forexample, sking, snowboarding,camping, fishing, cycling, and so on.

By the way, today is Mar.4, 2008, it is a big day for Vermonter,  primarily vote is held  in Vermont. Although I  am mot American citizen, I am very interested in Which candidate,  Hirally or Obama will win the race.


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