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Travel Destinations in the United States

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Hi everyone,

I am Arwa I live in burligton, VT. I and my family like to visit newport, RI. It is a beautiful place to visit. I realy enjoed it so much, there are a lot of activites to do, like boat show, sailing, walking in the wood and at the clif near the ocean and at the beach not to mention swiming, hiking  Visitng a historical placese like castle and mansions.








Hi everyone....... My name is Amal  i love  two go the hajj  in Mecca because all the muslims go there.


Mecca is holiest city in muslim world. Muslims come from everywhere in the world to visit Mecca.











Hi!!! my name is Edna Jordan I live in the city of North Hills. I have lived in california for 11 years. My family and I love to go and have a good time. Since we love to have such a good time. We decided to go to Las Vegas for a little family vacation. I love Las Vegas because  I like that it's a place of fantasy.Also I like the lights at night.











 Hello my name is Fernando pariente Mendoza. I have lived in California for 14 year. I like very much California because it is like cochabamba climate and vegetation. In this picture I am accompanied by frankisten in the universal studios hollywood where movies are filmed. You can also see a lot of actors and actresses.















I'm going to talk about American Rodeo. Usually every year I go to Palmdale or Hesperia California to American Rodeo Shows usually in the begining of June. They make shows around California. I recommend them because you can buy souvenirs,hats, T-shirts and food, and you can also check out the handsome cowboys. The cowboys ride horses and bulls, they have to do it in one minute. The girls ride horses too, and they compete a berril race, and it's really fun, so I recommend American Rodeos to everybody.


 I took this video when I went to the American Rodeo in Hesperia CA.


Click here if you want to see a video of somebody riding a horse at a rodeo



Click here if you want to see a video of Bull Riding


Celia M.







I went with some Au pairs to Boston! It was really great, there are soooo many sights!

When you can, you should go to travel to Bosten....and go to a Red Sox game ;-)





The skyline from Boston!          The  Boston          Boston at night, really nice!!!





At the first Au pair week we were in New York City which is the nicest city ever!!!



Empire State Building              Statue of Liberty



My name is Maria Luisa.

I went to Seaworld five months ago with my family. I recommend that you visit this place because it has a lot of whales.

You can see different shows about them, and you can walk around the place and see different kinds of fish.


 All photos by Maria Luisa.



Shamu show



 seal show





Joumey to Atlantis




Dolphin show



sea lions show






If you want to have more information about this place you can visit their Web site at Sea World







Photo taken by Patty
Hello, my name is Patty and I have relatives in San Francisco. I go to San Francisco often because it is a beautiful city with many places to visit, but it's a very cold city.




Utah of lake photo taken by Norma
Hello, my name is Norma Gomez. I went to Utah 1 year ago because mi husband's cousin lives there. Utah has a beautiful lake. When is snowing the lake is frozen.


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